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Horace G. Feliu was born in Coral Gables, Florida and is married to Seida, his wife
of 32 years. The 30-year residents of South Miami have three children and four
grandchildren. The former Mayor holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Adult
Education along with Bachelors of Science Degrees in both Mechanical
Engineering and Biological Sciences. He works as a business owner of a Medical
Equipment Service company along with teaching as an Adjunct Professor of
College Algebra, Math, and biology at a Nursing College.

Due to his concern for the safety of his children along with those of his neighbor’s,
Feliu got involved with South Miami government to slow traffic down. Once
elected, he worked diligently to initiate the first traffic calming projects throughout
the city creating the first traffic circles and was successful in reducing speed limits
in residential neighborhoods. As Mayor and due to his position on proactive
policing the city enjoyed the fact that there was not a single drive-by shooting
along with the lowest level of home and car invasions.

The three-term mayor also served as vice mayor and commissioner along with
serving on the Environmental Review and Preservation Board (ERPB) of South
Miami for a total of 12 years. During his time as Mayor, the city enjoyed a
renaissance in beautification projects and a revival of the city’s Town Center
(Downtown). Feliu championed and supported the business district by leading the
charge in building a much-needed Municipal Parking Garage (SW 73 street & 59 pl) which aside from parking, is the home of several restaurants and businesses
creating more options for residents along with more jobs. As a result of the first
City Municipal Parking Garage, commercial property values in the surrounding
area increased resulting in greater tax revenues for the city.

During his tenure as Mayor, he led his commission in turning Sunset Drive (City
Hall- 62 nd ave to US-1) into a streetscape designed for pedestrian safety along with the first sheltered bus benches in the city. As a result of his great concern for the environment, Feliu created the first Green Task Force in the county in order to
integrate LEED certified designs in both residential and commercial buildings. In
addition, the former Mayor was one of the first Mayors in Miami-Dade to sign the
Mayors for the Kyoto Agreement which stipulated reductions in toxic Chemical
and Carbon emissions worldwide.

The lack of a Community Center was also of great concern causing Feliu to work
with his fellow commissioners, former Mayors and community leaders to see to
fruition the City’s first Community Center which he named via a unanimously
passed resolution, The Gibson-Bethel Community Center at Murray Park.
Another of the former mayor’s accomplishments was accountability and
transparency in government by requiring that the city’s budget to be placed on the
website newly created under his leadership. In addition, Feliu sponsored a
resolution requiring the televising the city’s Planning Board and ERPB meetings
for complete notification of all proposed projects to the public.

Having been a member for 20 years, Feliu is past President of the South Miami
Rotary Club which provides scholarships to South Miami students along with
donations to many charities. Due to his concern for his community, he also served
as a member of the Concerned Clergy Coalition.

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